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Smartliner USA –

Smartliner continues to hit the air waves with more TV commercials. Check out another one of their consumer eye catching messages.  Stayed tuned for more to come.  

Incredible quality, fitment and features to protect your vehicle from all the elements.

Visit Smartliner USA today to find your protection.


Smartliner USA –

Smartliner brings their message of quality products and vehicle protection into the homes of millions through their new television campaign.   Take a look at this sneak peek.

Incredible quality, fitment and features to protect your vehicle from all the elements. Visit Smartliner USA today to find your protection.


Injen Technology

The all-new 2022-2023 Hyundai Elantra N equipped with the L4-2.0L turbo engine is a beast from the factory.  The engineers at Injen Technology needed to design an intake that packed a serious punch to keep up with this little athletic and sophisticated performer. The R&D team took this all-new rocketship deep into the lab to extract the hidden power lurking under the hood. From start to finish, each aspect of Injen Technology’s traditional aluminum Cold Air Intake for the 2020-2023 Hyundai Elantra N was a true labor of love. The Injen SP1364 cold air intake has the cleanest installation on the market that is also available in multiple finishes for that personized look. For full detials visit 

Oracle Lighting –

If you stopped by the SEMA Oracle booth but missed the Oracle LMTV in the A lot, here is your chance to check it out.  It’s an incredible build. 

                                                                                                     Click this link for full video tour. 


Smith & Stevenson LMTV


Oracle Lighting –

What is an LMTV? 

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Army sought a replacement for its aging fleet of M809 trucks. While less flashy or headline-grabbing than a new tank, trucks are the backbone of the U.S. Army, moving soldiers, ammunition, fuel, food, supplies, and everything else needed in a war. The Army’s new truck needed to be reliable, efficient, transportable, easy to maintain and low-cost. Showing the importance of the task, a months-long grueling series of selection trials were held. Eventually, an Austrian Steyr design was selected as the winner, and Stewart & Stevenson was awarded the contract to build both the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) and the larger Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV). The LMTV was a serious departure from the U.S. Army’s previous and antiquated trucks. Its cab-over design made it smaller and more maneuverable. And it achieved a 2.5-ton payload rating with only two axles making it less cumbersome than 6x6s. Thousands of Stewart & Stevenson LMTVs saw use in Iraq, Afghanistan and worldwide, with Oshkosh eventually taking over its production in 2012.


You know that we had to fit our LMTV with many of our existing products and some new offerings. This LMTV features our popular 7″ Oculus Bi-LED Headlights, 7″ Multifunction LED Spotlights, and a Larger variation of our Universal Letter-badges which will be hitting the market soon! Check them out on this interactive photo. SEMA Booth #20555 .

Injen Technology –

The legendary Toyota Supra only deserves the best and the Injen Race Series Cat-Back Single-Exit Exhaust System Delivers! Specifically engineered for the 2020-2023 Toyota GR Supra equipped with the L6-3.0L Turbo, this system was designed from the ground up to compliment the aggressive styling and blistering performance of these sporty sedans. Our race inspired single-exit design hones the tone of the engine into an ear-pleasing symphony. Purposefully delivering a crisp, clean, deep rumble at idle and an aggressive roar when you’re pushing the limits.

Injen designs every performance product with ease of installation in mind and this exhaust is no different. On the SES2300RS they’ve included V-Band clamps and flanges for the simplest, quickest installation possible. No need for any cutting, drilling, or modification of the vehicle to complete installation. The system uses all factory mounting points for simple and convenient placement and compatibility.

An aftermarket exhaust system is one of the simplest modifications you can make to your vehicle that will add both power and personality to your ride. We make choosing an exhaust system easy with our superior build quality, tone, and performance. All protected by the world renowned Injen Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Massive 3.50in (89mm) TIG-welded, stainless steel tubing makes up the entire exhaust, from the front section all the way back to the tip-less exit point.  This exhaust eliminates all factory mufflers, resonators, and valves for race inspired weight reduction and sound.  Outstanding flow from the 3.5in tubing will let that turbo breathe and the open exhaust design will deliver an aggressive, throaty, crackling exhaust tone that will keep you smiling from ear to ear. 


Oracle Lighting – 

Be first to offer these new OCULUS LED Projector  Headlights with Colorshift Technology to your customers.  

Oracle announces the release of their incredibly popular OCULUS Headlights for the 2021+ Bronco with ColorShift Innovation. The Bonco Oculus headlights are now available in a ColorSHIFT RGB+W Color-Changing version. Oculus headlights feature advanced focused LED projection that outshines the competition (including the factory LED headlights). With 5,200 lumens of high-quality Bi-LED projection, these headlights provide enhanced driver visibility in all weather conditions. 


Injen Technology:

Injen introduces their new SES9014ICPC Cold Side Intercooler Pipe for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 V6-2.7L (tt) EcoBoost

The Injen Technology cold side Intercooler pipe is the next logical step in your search for power gains for your Ford F-150 equipped with the 2.7L Twin Turbo Ecoboost engine. This easy to install performance charge pipe allows that turbocharged engine to breathe deeper to unleash that additional performance that you’ve been craving. The SES9014ICPC charge pipe pairs perfectly with our cold air intake systems and Intercooler for even greater performance gains!

Available in Polished SES9014ICPC , Wrinkle Black SES9014ICPCWB and Wrinkle Red SES9014ICPCWR 

2023 Off-Road Expo

Visit the Injen team this weekend at the world famous Pomona Fairplex for Off-Road Expo 2023! Be sure to stop by our booth for giveaways and show specials on apparel, stickers, lanyards and more! Our knowledgeable staff will be there Saturday, September, 30th through Sunday, October, 1st to answer all your questions. We will be located inside building 4 at booth #4443



Please come by to meet the team and see all the great products.

It’s time to set your appointments for SEMA. Accelerate New World Business will work with you to fit meetings into your schedules.  Below are the manufacturers we represent.  Please respond to our emails or messages or call us at your convenience. 702-202-6091

Oracle Lighting will be located in the Upper Central Hall in booth #20555 – LED Lighting from underbody to the interior

Injen Technology will be located in the Lower Central Hall in booth #22861 – High Performance Air Intake and exhaust systems, intercoolers, throttle body controllers and more  

Bringit Tailgates will be located in the West Hall booth #60177 – Swithcback – tailgate down Camera system and TOOLGate- full replacement tailgates with ramp features

The Gate King will be located in the West Hall booth #58189 – tailgate adjuster


Injen Technology Co., LTD
, the global market leader of innovative performance aftermarket products, including cold air intakes, stainless steel exhausts, intercoolers, and electronic throttle response controllers, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Roto-lite, Inc. (“Rotolite”).

Rotolite, headquartered in Coachella, CA, is the market leader in contract manufacturing of rotational molded products.  With over two decades of experience, Rotolite’s products span multiple industries including Automotive, Golf, Lighting, Landscaping, and many others.  The Acquisition of Rotolite comes with deep expertise in advanced molding practices and state-of-the-art tooling designs. 

Rotolite will also add another campus to Injen Technology’s current facility footprint.  Injen Technology remains solely in California with their headquarters and finished goods located in Montclair, while manufacturing will take place at both their Pomona and Coachella campuses.

“This transaction aligns well with our overall global strategy and the growing consumer demand for our products all over the world.”, said Ron Delgado, President and CEO of Injen Technology.  “This acquisition further expands Injen Technology’s current position in contract manufacturing and also dramatically increases production capacity for our ever-growing line of rotomolded Evolution intakes.  We will continue to offer outstanding service at Injen Technology and further expand offerings into new and exciting market segments.” 

“By combining Injen Technology’s three decades’ worth of technological advancements, along with Rotolite’s expertise in manufacturing rotomolded items, we will maximize our capabilities of providing world-class products and performance solutions to our global distribution network,” said Jay Crouch, Injen Technology’s Director of Global Business. “Injen Technology’s industry-leading design and engineering capabilities are also expected to open new and exciting growth opportunities for Rotolite. We are excited to welcome the members of the Rotolite team to the Injen Technology family and the continued success that we’ll all experience together.”


For nearly 30 years, Injen Technology has been recognized as an industry leader in the design and development of high-performance cold air intakes, stainless steel exhaust systems, performance intercoolers, and cleanable air filters.  With over a dozen patents and countless awards for outstanding performance and design, Injen Technology is globally recognized as the dominating brand in automotive aftermarket performance.


As a legacy company in the rotational molding community, Rotolite has served multiple industries with superior quality rotationally molded products.  With a focus on quality, efficiency, and competitive costing, Rotolite is recognized as a leader in rotational molding contract manufacturing.  Specializing in custom rotational molding for two decades has provided Rotolite with a set of capabilities that very few rotational molding competitors possess. Rotolite’s success has come from a clear understanding that customer satisfaction is what keeps the company growing.  Their list of services ranges from conception to product launch and everything in between.  With facilities located in Coachella, CA, Rotolite is close to all major shipping hubs and ports, making them an ideal contract manufacturer for local, national, and international companies.


Accelerate New World Business is proud to announce the arrival of Randy Kramer as a Sales Associate based out of the Chicago area. This expansion allows our team to manage early morning requests and service for all our East coast customers and manufacturers while continuing to offer the same later day service for the west coast.  

Randy brings 40 years of experience to the program with an in-depth knowledge of calling on many Big Box Companies and Specialty Distribution Centers.  Companies like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Lynco, Chicago Parts and sound and many more.  

Randy also has a broad experience representing products such as power tools, toolboxes, Chemicals, Drive Shafts,  lift equipment and more.  At one time we even worked together in the sunroof industry. 

Randy will be a great asset to the company, our manufacturers, and customers. He will be covering Oracle Lighting, The Gate King and Bringit Tailgates

 Welcome to the team!                        Randy Kramer –  

 BringtIt Tailgates – TOOLGate

Introducing the new Chevy Silverado/Sierra TOOLGate.  

This design is completely new inside and out while being lighter but even stronger.  The exterior skin design more closely matches the look of the OEM gate. 


In addition, the top cap contour is the same as the factory tailgate.  This means tonneau covers, caps and other bed accessories that need this contour will work easily with the BringIt TOOLGate. 


If you have this body style and have been waiting for a BringIt TOOLGate for your truck your wait is over.

 Check out the full details at  


One of the outstanding features the TOOLGate offers is a cargo retention system with the inner tailgate section opened to a vertical position. Simply use a tie down to complete the locking of your  cargo.
Another great feature is it’s ability to open fully and create a loading ramp for your toys; Motorcycles, ATV’s or any heavy item that you need to roll into the bed of your truck. 

 BringtIt Tailgates –


SwitchBack™ lets you see what you have been missing.

The Switchback SOLO is a standalone accessory that works with your factory tailgate and factory camera.



When you add SwitchBack SOLO, your factory tailgate controls two cameras. The correct one activates based on your tailgate position

 Check out the full details at  

SOLO automatically switches to our “Down Tailgate” camera when your FACTORY tailgate is down.


Congratulations! – Injen Technology

“Injen is thrilled to announce that our new Global Headquarters is fully operational! Our new Headquarters is world class in technology and enhances our team’s ability to better serve our customers” said Jay Crouch, Director of Global Business for Injen Technology.   “This facility will enable us to increase our production capacity and meet the growing demand for our products in the global marketplace.” 

The all-new, state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology in filter manufacturing and distribution equipment, and currently warehouses a vast majority of the Injen Technology catalog, including premium engine air filters and air intake systems. The expansive warehouse and distribution center has a capacity for over 10,000 pallet locations and will allow Injen Technology to better serve customers with faster and more efficient delivery times and with higher fill rates. Primary manufacturing will remain constant at their Pomona, CA location with finished goods and filter manufacturing taking place in Montclair, CA

Injen Technology is proud to keep manufacturing and distribution in the United States and especially in California. Injen Technology has grown to become an integral part of the Southern California business community and looks forward to continuing to work with local organizations and community leaders in an effort to support the area’s growth and development.
“At Injen Technology, we’re proud to be an American-made company, and our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation is reflected in every product that we produce,” said Ron Delgado, Owner and CEO of Injen Technology. “For the past 25 years, we’ve taken great care to position Injen Technology as a global leader in automotive air filtration and performance air intake products. Our new headquarters will allow us to continue that legacy and improve on ourability to provide the Injen branded products that our industry and our customers have grown to love.”
Injen Technology has been in business for over 25 years and established itself as a leader in the automotive performance aftermarket industry. The company’s products are used by racing teams, performance enthusiasts, and the everyday drivers who want to improve their vehicle’s performance and filtration efficiency.

Accelerate New World Business Announces New Line-

Accelerate New World Business is proud to announce the partnership of representing Bringit Tailgates and Switch Back Cameras.   Their products are incredible!  The switchback camera allows you continued visibility when the tailgate is down and the factory camera only sees the ground. Their system automatically switches from the factory camera to the newly installed camera at the top of the tailgate. 

Their toolgate as it’s called replaces your factory tailgate and extends the length of your bed, allows you to secure cargo and converts to a ramp with everything required secured within the tailgate. Also paintable to match you factory color. Check out the video below. 

See all the details at and 

The Gate King – 

We all know Powersports, and truck enthusiasts are resourceful but sometimes they can take things to the extreme when it’s not necessary.    The folks at The Gate King made everyone’s day much easier with their 8-position tailgate adjuster system.  Regardless if you’re carrying a motorcycle, ATV, Surfboards, Kayaks or bulky items such as lumber or pipes, The Gate King has made your day a lot simpler and safer.  Check out the full details at  

Injen Technology – 

Injen announces the release of their 2015-2021 Subaru WRX H4-2.0 L  and WRX STI H4-2.5L PERFORMACNE EXHAUST SYSTEM.  Up to 13 additional HP and 11 lb-ft of torque

Adding a power packed punch and style with Brunt Titanium Exhaust Tips and dual polished Oval Mufflers.   Never a detail left unaddressed!  


Injen Technology – 

Injen expands their Intercooler selection to include the 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS L4-2.3L Turbo.  Up to an additional 14 HP and 14 Ft. Lbs of torque. Reduces air charge temperatures, Improves flow characteristics, ensure minimal pressure drop, prevents heat soak and can keep air temps at or near ambient temperature.  Choose Injen for power, quality and styling. Check out the full details at

The Gate King – 

The Gate King is a Motocross Racers best friend.  If you’re a PRO or just a weekend enthusiasts, you need The Gate King multi-level ratcheting tailgate system. Check out what Jeremy “TWITCH” Stenberg has to say. For more information, visit 

Oracle Lighting – 

Oracle expands their selection of flush mount tail lights  for the Bronco, JK, JL and JT to include tinted lens versions.  These are all now in stock.  If you ae looking to set your vehicle above all others, look no further than to Oracle for incredible upgrades.

Injen Technology –

Another new product launch from Injen.  2018-2021 Subaru WRX STI H4-2.5L Turbo short ram air intake system. This intake system is available in polished, wrinkle black and wrinkle red. Power to spare with Dyno proven massive gains up to 26 hp and 24 lb-ft of torque. 

See full details by visiting  

Oracle Lighting-

Is your company still using an old school lighting company with no innovation?  Are your competitors outshining you because they stepped up their game to Oracle. Well it’s never too late to improve. Oracle’s Fiber Optic Wheel Liner kit takes a boring liner to constellation stardom.  Check out this kit along with all their other innovative products at 

Injen Technology-

Another power packed air intake system from Injen has been released for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco L4-2.3L Turbo EcoBoost.  This new systems offers up to 13 HP and 13 lb-ft of Torque. Features include the Clear-Vue Window Roto-Molded air box with thier Twist-Lock filter release for easy maintenance.  available with Supernano-Web dry filter or the traditional Performance oiled cotton gauze air filter.  See full details at 


Oracle Lighting –



Why are some rear indicator lights Red while others are Amber or Yellow?  It’s common to see Red rear indicator lights on the road in the US on old and new vehicles alike. Most European vehicles sold in the US, such as BMW, use Amber turn signals because in many European countries Amber signals are required on both the front and rear of the vehicle as turn indicators. Find your answer by clicking below: 

             The Debate of RED -vs- AMBER Rear Turn Signals… Which one is right? – ORACLE Lighting (


Smartliner USA –

Muddy football or soccer games, a day at the beach, or simply a trip to work and a spilled of cup coffee you didn’t anticipate, NO PROBLEM.  Smartliner USA has your Truck, Car or SUV protected with floor and Cargo Liners.  Check out the full line at 

The video below will provide some true insight to their quality and fitment. 

Oracle Lighting –

A history of award-winning efforts that produce results. The owners and all of the Oracle Team members recognize both the Consumers and their Wholesale customers look to them for innovation and quality.  They ensure Oracle Lighting meets these needs. Check out the overview of their products from this 2022 SEMA video. 


Injen Technology –

For all the lifelong Honda Civic enthusiast’s, Injen releases their Cold Air Intake system for the 11th generation Civic / Civic Si L4-1.5 Turbo. This packs a power package of up to 10 HP and 11 lb-ft torque for the Civic and 10 HP 9 lb-ft torque for the Si. Available in Polished, Black and Wrinkle Red. Featuring MR Technology. Check out the full details at

Oracle Lights – 

Oracle Lighting continues to set themselves above other lighting companies as the leader in innovation and style.  This is a must watch video of the Jeep Gladiator flush style LED Tailgate light.  Now available for Pre-order. Inspired by the Mopar “RaceTrack” tail light design. Check out the full details at

Injen Technology – 

Go Fast and Look Great! No one does it better than Injen to find a way of producing the extra power you want and to impress your friends when you look under the hood. Made in the USA, this intake for the 2020-2023 Polaris Slingshot L4 2.0L is receiving up to another 11HP and 9 lb-ft. of torque. Mandrel- bent 4.0″ O.D. tube aluminum intake tubing, custom heat shield, SuperNano-Web dry air filter adds up to real beauty and power under the hood. Check it out at 


Accelerate New World Business is proud to announce the addition of The Gate King company to our offerings. This is an incredible company and made in the USA product line. This outstanding product replaces the stock tailgate cables with a patented Tailgate ratcheting system providing 8 different settings. How many times have you needed to haul something that extends past your truck bed and always worried about it sliding out the back? Well with the Gate King Tailgate Adjuster you can adjust your tailgate to a multitude of angles to help retain your cargo that may be hanging over the rail. Check out the full story at

Credits to Earl Owen Company for creating this excellent installation video